Candle De Fleur is a luxury hand finished Candle Collection where most of our customers will say they are just too beautiful to burn....and actually choose not to!! Our little secret is that a Candle De Fleur does not burn down but simply burns straight through the center not dripping wax on the outside and therefore preserving the hand finished rose sculpture they are famous for.

Please follow the burning instructions on the base of each candle. Before lighting the candle the first time trim the wick down to 0.5cm before lighting the candle.
Once the candle has burned down to a significant depth,  if desired, a T lite can be placed in the center of the candle and this relates to all the styles within the collection.
The XL and XXL Rose Ball is unique as it is designed very differently from the size S,M&L Rose Ball's by having its own secret pillar candle built inside. It is the internal pillar candle which burns down slowly inside the candle, not the Rose Ball itself, therefore leaving the exterior of this beautiful sculptured candle absolutely perfect, glowing like a lantern in a dim light.