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Welcome to Candle De Fleur the most wonderful table Center for your event.

Most people would say they are just too beautiful to burn down.  But we will let you into the Candle De Fleur secret......Our candles do not burn down, they simply burn straight through the centre creating a glow as they burn, but most importantly, they do not drip unsightly wax on the outside of the candle or ruin the table centre.

Candle De Fleur will add the WOW factor to your event and be that new idea you have been looking for!!

We can give you some exciting ideas and imaginative theming with our stunning range of colours and styles we have in the collection.

We maybe exclusive to the UK, but we are happy to deliver all over the world spreading the Candle De Fleur love! In fact some of our favourite events are overseas as our candles provide the very best ambience when it comes to romance and party and set the scene for a wonderful day, lighting up the event in the evening as the sun sets in the distance.

Not only can Candle De Fleur create a stunning table centre, but your client will be able to give away the candles as a special keepsake of their event to special guests.

A Candle De Fleur may play a small part at your event but we intend to leave a huge impression with all your clients.

Please call us for all your event enquiries on 01923 83 9000


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