About Candle De Fleur

Candle De Fleur was created by Deborah whilst on a spiritual journey in life, being driven by her passion to bring something unique and special to the market place.

Deborah loves to spoil her customers with her luxury candle collection which they can treasure as a piece of art in their own homes, or give away as a designer gift, or wow guests at their dinner parties and at special events as a table centre glowing with pride.

Each Candle De Fleur holds a special secret, simply burning straight through the centre to create a soft glow. But most importantly, they do not drip unsightly wax on the outside of the candle and therefore preserve the beautiful hand-finished rose sculpture they are famous for.
Founder Deborah says, "most of our customers will say...they are just too beautiful to burn ......and sometimes actually choose not to!"

After our success with Costco Members over the years, Candle De Fleur is delighted to be working with Breast Cancer Care UK and QVC Shopping Channel (see video below)

We love the fact that Candle De Fleur is one of life's little pleasures........ Enjoy!

Keep spreading the Candle De Fleur love x