Floating Rose Bowl Candle

Candle de Fleur


The Rose Bowl is the new edition to the Candle De Fleur collection.  For all those out there who love our Rose Ball but wished it could float....fear not as the Rose Bowl does it all!!

It measures 14.8cm x 15cm x 14cm.

It looks amazing by itself as a beautiful candle, or can be floated amongst flowers of your choice or outdoors in the garden pond or maybe the swimming pool!
The unique selling point of the Rose Bowl is that the candle has been moulded in a different way allowing it to be floated in water, whilst also allowing it to be lit in venues that may have been  against candles being burned at all. However, the fire is deep down the centre of the candle making it extremely safe to burn by itself or floating in water.

The Rose Bowl will not loose its shape or drip wax on the outside of the candle.
We are displaying the Ivory, Apricot and Dark Pink colours in the shop to buy, but if you wish to purchase in another colour please contact us as we can get any of the colours you may see in the collection.

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