Rose Candle

Candle de Fleur


Our Rose Candle is the ultimate in elegance and is hand finished to absolute perfection.
The Rose Candle is a wow centre piece on your table floating amongst flowers, or quite simply looking beautiful by itself.  

Measures approx. 15cm 
Burn Time: approx. 5-7hours and replace with a tealight in the centre
The Rose Candle when lit will only burn down the centre of the candle providing a flat surface to insert a tea light. It takes approximately 5-7 hours to burn the bud of the rose and this is the only part of the rose which will burn down, allowing you to reuse your candle over and over again once you replace the bud with a tea light. Any standard sized tea light will fit in perfectly.

Available in Fuschia, Pretty Pink,Red, Black, Amethyst

Please note that it is not advisable to float the colour Amethyst because of the special finish on the candle.

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