XL Rose Ball Candle

Candle de Fleur


This is our XL sized Rose Ball Candle, it measures 21cm x 21cm (23cm x 23cm in the box)

Available in: Ivory, Red, Fuschia, Orange, Antique, Amethyst, Mother of Pearl

Antique, Amethyst and Mother of Pearl are individually hand finished to give them the perfect look.

The XL Rose Ball is unique as it is designed very differently from the size S,M&L Rose Ball's by having its own secret pillar candle built inside. It is the internal pillar candle which burns down slowly inside the candle, not the Rose Ball itself, therefore leaving the exterior of this beautiful sculptured candle absolutely perfect, glowing like a lantern in a dim light.

Bespoke colours in the XXL range may be ordered by special request. Please contact us

Please refer to the photograph above for a example of sizing. XL is second candle from left.

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